You will go here to login using your username (kristin) and password. If you forget your password you can click “Lost Your Password?” to get an email to re-set it.

The login will open a dashboard where the options you need to update the site content are all in a black sidebar on the left.

When you are logged in you (and only you) will also see a black toolbar at the top of every page and post in your live site, with links enabling you to edit pages and posts or create new pages and posts.

You’ll find that if you open “Pages” (from the dashboard’s black sidebar) you can edit all the content there except for the “Philosophy” page posts. These are created separately for the carousel as custom posts and you can find them under the “Philosophy” link in the black sidebar.

The Media page link has been disabled for now but it will be simple to add back when you find or make a video to embed there.

There are fields for the quotes on each page in separate fields below the main content field.

Media (images, pdfs, videos) get uploaded into the media library and attached to pages (eg as “Featured Image”. You’ll see that you can replace the featured images that are on the current pages if you want.

There are more general instructions for updating WordPress websites here: